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Baroque fountain in Olomouc

in early August, a film crew filmed two episodes of the new Internet project PamatkyDnes dedicate to baroque beauty in Olomouc. The object of their interest became Hercules Fountain on the Upper Square and Neptune's Fountain, located in the Lower Square. An indispensable tool was aerial platform and strong reflectors because filming delayed until late at night.

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Creation of documentary films is time consuming, expensive, and help you.


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Project completed
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The further part of the internet series is being post-produced. The short documentary was filmed in 4K UltraHD resolution on the RED 1
We have finished the two-part Sorrowful Rosary sculpture set series about the baroque sculptures by the St. Michael Church in Olomouc.
Within the project, the cine4net production studio presents the English version of the Augustinian Monastery in Sternberk documentary.
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