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Marian Column, Unicov [EN]

Uničovská Baroque column with top statue of the Virgin Mary Immaculate is a major sculptural work, which was for its historical value registered in the Central list of cultural monuments of the Czech Republic. Authorship sculptural decoration of the column is attributed to several sculptors of which we name especially Severin Tischler and George Anthony Heinze.
Marian Column in Unicov was built as an expression of gratitude for the city avert danger from the Hussites (1424), the Huns (1463) and subsequent plagues (1709, 1715). The impetus for the construction of the Marian Column in Uničov gave the "Brotherhood of the Virgin Mary and St. John of Nepomuk ". In 1727 established Uničovská Dean Francis Louis Doll pole position to link 150 gold; the laying of the foundation stone column was not until the autumn of 1729, when he was the superior of the Brotherhood Andrew Anthony Richter, who in the collection of dolls continued, FL proposal under which column should be realized, probably ordered by Václav Render, the sculptor.
Uničovská Dean Andrew Anthony Richter is in our documentary film guide. Clarifies the viewer reasons that led to the pole position, tells of the difficulties that during construction of the column attending talks about the personalities with whom in the construction of the column collaborated ... ..
The contract for sculptural work was not concluded until 13 November 1735. It is likely that the supplier of the sculptural decoration of the entire column was originally Jiri Antonin Heinz, then Uničovská citizen and sculptor. Heinz But in 1734 he became seriously ill and Andrew Anthony Richter decided to reach Severin Tischler, a sculptor from the Military. He concluded with him in 1735 by the aforementioned contract in which specified the work that has Tischler to create Uničovská column. The sculptural column also participated Tischler dílenští collaborators - Francis Joseph and Ignatius Seitel Winkler. The sculptures of the column is also Jiri Antonin Heinz, whose authorship is evidenced by the signature, until now readable on a cloud base of senior statue of Mary Immaculate.
The column was consecrated September 11, 1743 uničovským-born prelate infulovaným and provost Sternberg Augustinian monastery, Father John Joseph Glätzlem.
Text prepared by Mgr. Iva Orálková
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Expert Advisor & Project Supervisor: Iva Orálková
Narrator: Petr Kubes
Production: Milan Kyr
Dramaturgist: Petr Dvorak
Directed by: Ondrej Sovik
Photography by: Jakub Kyr
Edited by: Ondrej Sovik
Sound by: Matej Novak
English Subtitles by: Jim Leckie

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